The Timesaver Package

Need a bit more support? You’ll love this one.

The Timesaver - £625+VAT

Advert Length - 6 weeks

Advice on the recruitment process
Optimised advert creation
Dedicated account manager
Post to a wide selection of leading UK job boards
CVs emailed daily
Social media shares: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn
Candidate match (Candidates are matched from a database of over 15 million CVs. Any suitable and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the role)
Salary research / benchmark check
Manage rejection emails
CV pre-screening
Amends to advert after posting
Email application forms (up to 100) + £100
Phone screening of shortlist + £95 p/h
Video interview 2nd shortlist + £95 p/h
1-hour consultation on recruitment process + £95
Onsite assistance with interviews £475 half day £950 full day
Job advert copy writing service (for anyone just needing the copy) £150

All prices subject to VAT at the standard rate.

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