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Here are some comments from satisfied customers…

Energy Angels Group 

We approached Recruit 123 as we had been recommended their services by someone we trust after we mentioned we needed to place one or two new members of staff.  We wanted to simplify the recruitment process and considered this method of recruitment advertising was a good option.

Recruit 123 handled everything for us, in terms of the writing and posting the advertisement, all we had to do was sort through the CV’s which were sent to us on a weekly basis.  The Sales Executive kept in touch with us throughout the campaign, making sure we were happy with the service.

We successfully hired two candidates, with the whole approach and delivery from Recruit123 being helpful and enjoyable.  We will certainly recommend the services of the company to the many different companies we work with.


Syncronicity LTD

We chose R123 because they offer a fixed fee service.

We Spoke to Karen who is very professional and obviously knows what she is doing in regards to recruitment. We like the fixed fee approach rather than the % of salary which to most potential employers is an expensive deal killer.
Karen offers points and advice on how to get the best out of your recruitment campaign and is always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Our experience with R123 is very positive. The system is simple, just send your requirements. R123 will review and suggest any improvements to your advert and then post it. There are various packages and you can choose exactly what you want.

Pay the fee and the CVs start to roll in. It’s that simple.

I would recommend R123 to anyone who is looking for a quick easy way to recruit new staff without having to shell out a fortune in fees. Its quick it simple and it doesn’t cost a fortune. We will definitely be using R123 for our next recruitment campaign


Lean Engineering and Manufacturing Academy – LEMA

Our company needed to recruit experienced Employer Engagement staff for the Dudley Academy who were local to the area.  Having previously used more conventional recruitment processes, we decided to use Recruit 123 advertising packages as a new way of finding staff.

We advertised our vacancies, using a four-week campaign including a professionally written advert and received CV downloads on a weekly basis.  We had been struggling to fill the role but following the success of the campaign we were able to also recruit for two new positions which became available at other offices during the campaign.

We had only ever utilised conventional recruitment processes or advertised directly on job boards, but found this different approach to be very successful.  We were also able to change the ad slightly when new roles became available, which greatly helped our needs.

Conventional recruitment methods were out of our budget for this role and this alternative service was very cost effective.

Overall our experience of using Recruit 123 was very positive – we could have filled all the positions twice over as the campaign worked very well and attracted exactly the calibre of candidate we were looking for.

We would definitely use Recruit 123 again – it work extremely well and attracted exactly the right type of candidates.


Thomson and Bancks Solicitors

Recruit 123 helped us procure a cost effective solution to our recruitment campaign, across multiple jobs sites.  We received useful guidance on optimising our advertisement and help further customising it`s content midway through the campaign.

Receiving daily downloads of CV applications directly from the agency helped us to respond promptly to candidates direct.  We would recommend the customised services of Recruit 123.


D W Windows

With our company continuing to expand we needed to recruit someone with industry knowledge and experience, but were struggling to find such a person using the traditional methods of newspapers.

We were recommended to Recruit 123 by the Best of Wolverhampton who advised that they would provide a sensible and effective solution to our problem.  They succeeded in recruiting our ideal candidate, exactly the right person we were looking for!  The whole recruitment process was hassle-free, just as the team said it would be and worked exactly as it had been explained to us.

The team was very friendly and professional, giving great advice and provided an excellent quality and expertly written advert.  Overall our experience with Recruit 123 was extremely positive and we will be using them again for our future needs.

We would without doubt recommend their services to other companies.


British Log Cabins

Our company was very short of staff and we found ourselves needing to quickly recruit good quality, qualified people.  Following a call from Liz at Recruit 123 and then receiving information via email, we found the recruitment packages an attractive option, especially the price.

We chose the £295 package and had plenty of good responses, which were dealt with quickly and provided the right quality of applicant.  What we particularly liked about the process was the company was very easy to get hold of and knew exactly what was going on through the whole of the campaign.

Overall the whole experience was very easy, straightforward and enabled us to find the right people.

We would definitely recommend Recruit 123 to others.


National Rescue (Midlands) Ltd

Having previously spoken with Liz about the recruitment advertising services offered by Recruit 123 I approached her when our company needed a new member of staff.

Other methods of recruitment had not been successful, for example we had previously used newspapers to advertise, so we decided to try a new way of recruiting.  We had struggled before to find anyone suitable, but when we used Recruit 123 we had plenty of good quality applicants.  We have employed at least one person so far from the CV’s we received.

The whole process was really simple – everything was done electronically – just click and go!  Overall the whole experience was brilliant. I would not hesitate to recommend Recruit 123 to other companies to solve their recruitment problems.

B2B Quote

Our business was expanding and we needed to increase our team members. I had done some advertising previously but I was recommended to Recruit 123 by the Black Country Chamber, so I approached them and was very pleased by the results.

The advertising got us candidates of the quality we were looking for and took the burden of recruitment off our shoulders.  The whole process was quick and easy and we found the Recruit 123 approach to recruitment to be very good – totally painless!

We would recommend them to other companies without a shadow of a doubt.


Elite Cleaning Contractors

As our company has grown, and continues to grow, we have needed to take on new staff and so we approached Recruit 123 to help with our recruitment process.

We used a Volume Value package, which meant we have covered our advertising needs for the next twelve months.  This has reduced our costs and made our recruitment more effective. By using Recruit 123 we have now doubled our team to 15 employees.

We have always been more than satisfied with their work.  They keep us up to date with daily CV downloads, provide us with professionally written adverts and the quality of candidates they put forward is always high.  There has always been an abundance of applicants so this gives us the opportunity to choose the very best.

With this support in place we have no fear in continuing to expand as we always know we can find the right staff and so can commit to taking on extra work.

I have no hesitation in recommending Recruit 123 to any prospective employer.


Best of Walsall, West Midlands

I needed to recruit for a digital marketing assistant for our company, the Best of Walsall. Having previously used Indeed and FaceBook for advertising vacancies, without much success, I approached Recruit 123 after being personally recommended to the company.

Using Recruit 123 gave me access to a number of candidates to consider for the position. I believe the responses received were due to the advert being worded to attract the right quality candidates.  I particularly liked the company’s approach to the advertising process, which did exactly what it said on the tin!

Overall I found the whole experience of recruiting very satisfactory and would happily recommend Recruit 123 to other businesses to solve their recruitment needs.


I’m Your PA Ltd, South Staffordshire

As a Virtual Assistant company we deal with call handling and administration work for nearly 100 clients based across the UK, so you can imagine having the right staff is so important.

When I approached Recruit123 with a vacancy, after a few simple questions to identify what qualities were needed, they went to work. The whole process was literally as they said – as easy as 123. For a very reasonable cost, the advert was placed and we had 110 applicants.  I should point out I had previously advertised myself, it was 25% of the cost and I had a grand total of zero applicants to choose from!

I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to recruit staff into their business that they seek the cost effective support of Recruit123 and I know they will get a cost effective, efficient, professional and friendly service. Thank you for all your support.


Pirtek, Telford

I have just used your £595 package to find an admin assistant.  I would just like to say thank you for your assistance.

You have helped me to improve my recruitment process greatly.  Recruit123 do exactly what they say they will do.  An efficient and cost effective advertising service, delivering excellent quality candidates for the role.

Your pre-screening service has taken the burden out of my recruitment and the customer care throughout the process was excellent.

I appreciate your help with this campaign and will certainly be using you for my future recruitment needs.


Headway, Shropshire

Prior to using Recruit123 we were experiencing problems with poor responses to our advertising for Support Workers, and those that we did receive were lacking in the qualities we needed for our business.  We chose a £295 package via Recruit123 and, as a result, our responses increased greatly and the quality of the candidates improved no end.  We were able to recruit 3 new members of staff from this one campaign!

Recruit123 has enabled us to improve our recruitment process through their advertising expertise and provided an excellent, cost effective service which we highly recommend.


Allan Bros

We had previously advertised for a role using traditional methods of advertising, i.e. newspapers, the response was very poor.

We decided to use Recruit123 for sourcing our candidates, by using their £295 fixed rate advertising package.  We were delighted at the response we received.  They provided a high calibre of candidate, with excellent customer service throughout the campaign.

As such we found the ideal candidate for our role and would like to recommend Recruit123 as the ideal solution for your recruitment needs.


Ben Fones Photography

Towards the end of June this year I arrived at my studio to find a letter from my current photographer telling me she was leaving at the end of July – just as I hit the busiest run of weddings I have had in over 9 years of shooting professionally. Panic stations set in and I didn’t know where I was going to find the time to search for a new photographer, whilst shooting and editing all those weddings – so I turned to Recruit123.

After an hour of Liz listening intently to all my troubles, she got to work finding out exactly what and who I was looking for. I opted for the £295 package and ran a campaign over 4 weeks. Liz and the team were always there to advise me to make sure we got the right person for the job.

Well, we did! I can’t tell you the relief and weight that has been lifted from my shoulders. We know we have the right person and that’s all down to the hard work of Liz and her team in the initial stages. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Recruit123. They are truly amazing and have saved me so much time and stress. As Ben Fones Photography grows, we will be back for more!


Highpoint Motors

I approached Recruit123 because I had advertised locally via newspapers and used recruitment agencies and both methods were expensive and provided poor responses.

Recruit123 helped me by providing an advertising campaign that attracted excellent quality candidates, at an excellent price.

I found the ideal person for my role within two weeks, I have employed them, and Recruit123 have even helped me with arranging for the employment contracts to be completed by an expert.

I particularly liked Recruit123 as they took the burden of my recruitment process off me.  They were honest, upfront and not pushy like many of their competitors.  They were always available for help and advice, and they consistently delivered on time.

I found the experience very helpful and very cost effective. The staff were always happy to help and provided excellent customer service.

I would highly recommend using Recruit123 to recruit staff, and I will certainly use them for all my future recruitment needs.