Using Indeed – How do you make yourself stand out and get your CV noticed?

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Using Indeed – How do you make yourself stand out and get your CV noticed?

Have you ever wondered why you’re not hearing back from jobs you have applied for on Indeed?

My company – Recruit123 – an Online Advertising Agency (we’re not a recruitment agency) see a lot of CV’s from candidates when they apply to our adverts. So, based on what I see, I thought I’d put together a quick short guide with some useful tips on how you can make your CV stand out more. Which, as we know, is the aim of the game when there’s a lot of competition out there.

Applying on Indeed

When you register on Indeed, it gives you the option to fill in a template CV, and then post it online. You then apply for the jobs OR you upload a copy of your CV as a separate attachment in Word or a PDF.


Take the 2nd option – post your CV! If you can upload a copy of your CV to Indeed in Word or as a PDF, please do that. The template that Indeed offer candidates isn’t enough for the recruiter/employer. You won’t stand out from the crowd because the right information is never fully captured.

And, I’ve also seen candidates only filling in a few lines and then they leave the rest blank – WHY?!

On the candidate profile where it shows your name, it will also show your last job title or current job title – don’t leave this blank, and please don’t add ‘unemployed’.

If you are serious about finding work, give yourself the best opportunity and upload a full version of your CV. If you choose the template option, take your time with it; ensure ALL the information is entered. Give yourself the best possible chance of being shortlisted for the job.

#2 Contact details

Do you want the company to contact you once you have applied? Yes, you do! So, when you apply for any job (and this is applicable for any job site) make sure you look over your CV. Check that your contact details are all present and correct. You’d be surprised how many times we still see CV’s with no contact details!! Then, check everything on there. Make sure your information is all up to date with your most recent employment history included.


This is the final piece of advice on this subject. Be specific. If you have the right experience for the role you are applying for, make sure this is clearly written on your CV. Highlight if needed.  Make it obvious to the reader that you have the experience needed for the role you are applying for.

I’ve seen candidates tick a filtering question which is asking for how many years’ experience does the candidate have in a particular subject, and the candidate will tick the box to confirm they have the required experience, but then, when we look at the attached CV, there’s nothing there to suggest this experience. This information is important!

A lot of people miss #3!

Remember, recruiters and employers are not mind readers; they only know who you are by what your write.

End Note

If you do some, or all of the things mentioned above, your CV will get noticed; and you will stand a better chance of being contacted for an interview!

Give yourself the best opportunity to stand out!

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