Recruitment is a six-step process.
We provide the support you need so you can manage it step-by-step


Job brief

Have you defined the role you’re recruiting for? This is a fundamental first step that you need to get right. It’s important to know exactly how your new team member will fit within your organisation’s structure, what tasks they will undertake and what skills are required for them to fulfil the role.

We help define the job brief so it can be easily understood and expressed, so that you attract the best-suited applicants (or candidates).


Advert writing

The truth of the matter is – if you don’t get the advert-writing bit spot-on, you’re pretty much stumped for the rest of the process. It doesn’t matter where or how you advertise, without the right description you simply won’t get the CVs you hoped for – let alone prime candidates to interview and choose from.

We write professional copy that sounds the business to attract the right people for the role, and optimise it with SEO wizardry to make sure it appears high up in the list of the right searches.



Anyone can list an advert on the well-known UK job sites like Reed, Indeed and Jobsite, but what then? Did you know that there are tons more that might be more relevant for your role? Would you know what was wrong if people weren’t applying as you’d hoped? Have you thought about posting to social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin? We save you the time and hassle of researching relevant sites and uploading your advert copy to all the places it needs to be.

We also keep a check on how your ad is performing and tweak the copy if it’s not doing what it should.



Trawling through a ton of CVs can sometimes be, er, interesting, to say the least, but it’s not always a productive way to spend your time. Especially if there’s a few that obviously don’t match your criteria for the advertised role.

Because we’ve spent 30+ years checking out CVs and matching people to roles, we can whizz through the pre-screening and sift out the prime candidates for you – so you just get the cream of the crop to read and create your shortlist for interview.



If you’ve never interviewed before, it can be as daunting for you as it is for the candidates up for the role! How do you put them at ease? What questions will help you gauge their skills? What should you listen for? How can you determine if they’re a good ‘fit’ for your business? Interviewing is a skill in itself. We can help in a number of ways, from conducting initial telephone or video interviews, to refining your shortlist, to attending face-to-face interviews, with you lending an independent ear.

We can prepare interview questions, and help you hone your technique so you can be confident in drawing out people’s best on the day. Whatever support you feel you need, our aim is to ultimately help you make the right decision in filling your role.



It’s exciting when you’ve found ‘the one’ and they’ve happily accepted your job offer, and you’ll be busy making arrangements for them to start. But what about the other hopefuls? It’s courtesy to notify them that the position is filled and they have been unsuccessful this time. It’s a task few people relish and is a step in the recruitment process often missed. But it means such a lot and demonstrates your caring ethos as a company.

We're happy to do this on your behalf, making sure you’re not leaving anyone hanging but saving you the time and hassle of writing and sending rejection letters.

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